Taking a stand starts here.


Taking a stand starts here.

Grimes Dodges ObamaCare Question AGAIN.

May 22, 2014

.@AlisonforKY Plays Hide and Seek... Dodges ObamaCare Question AGAIN. #kysen

ObamaCare a success in Kentucky? Really?!

April 3, 2014

Obama Democrats assert ObamaCare a success in Kentucky. The numbers tell a different story.

Ten ways ObamaCare is hurting us

March 24, 2014

Ten ways ObamaCare is hurting us (and the 54 Kentucky House Democrats who just don't get it)

Harry Reid calls Kentuckians liars. Does Grimes agree?

February 28, 2014

.@SenatorReid calls Kentuckians' ObamaCare horror stories "untrue." Does @AlisonforKY agree? #kysen #AskAlison

ObamaCare’s increasing costs: shrinking workforce, higher deficits

February 5, 2014

The increasing costs of ObamaCare: shrinking workforce, higher deficits

Obama’s Praise of Kentucky Governor = Big Problem for Grimes

January 29, 2014

.@BarackObama's praise for @GovSteveBeshear's ObamaCare in KY = big problem for @AlisonForKY #kysen

Beshear to join Obama at State of the Union

January 28, 2014

.@GovSteveBeshear, ObamaCare's chief promoter in Kentucky, to join @BarackObama at #SOTU

240,229 to go

January 22, 2014

Read our newest blog post -- 240,229 To Go -- about the failure of @GovSteveBeshear's ObamaCare exchange.

Benvenuti to Beshear, legislators: live by your ObamaCare law

December 16, 2013

Rep. Robert Benvenuti's bill would put Beshear, legislators in KY's #ObamaCare exchange. #livebyyourlaw #kyga

ObamaCare is “the right move,” says liberal Kim Humphrey

December 2, 2013

Echoing Barack Obama, @KimHumphreyKY says bringing #ObamaCare to Kentucky is "the right move."