Taking a stand starts here.

Taking a stand starts here.

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Caucus 101

Kentucky Republicans will cast their votes for Republican candidates for president at the 2016 Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus caucus on Saturday, March 5.

Voting hours are 10:00 am – 4:00 pm local time.  A Republican voter may come to their assigned caucus location anytime during that time to vote.

The voting process will be similar to a typical Kentucky election.  Voters will show identification, sign in, and vote by secret ballot.  However, the voting locations are different.

Most counties have a single caucus location, while some of the most populous counties have multiple locations.  Republican voters can determine their assigned caucus location by clicking here.

By holding caucuses on March 5, Kentucky Republicans will have more influence on the presidential race, at a time when candidates are still competing to win more states and delegates to secure the presidential nomination.

Kentucky voters must have been registered as Republicans by December 31, 2015, to be eligible to vote in the caucus.

Filing Update

The following candidates have filed for the March 5, 2016 Caucus.

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