Another Page from the Obama Playbook

The Republican Party of Kentucky released the following statement and background from spokeswoman Kelsey Cooper in response to Alison Lundergan Grimes’ latest display of an allegiance to the Obama playbook with her new ad.

“After two straight weeks of parroting the plans of liberal Senate Democrats and calling them her own, it’s hardly surprising that Alison Lundergan Grimes would continue her copycat act with another presentation ripped straight from the Obama playbook. If assuring Kentucky voters of her status as a guaranteed ‘yes’ vote for the liberal Obama agenda was the objective these past few weeks, she’s truly done a fantastic job. ”



Grimes’ New Ad Mirrors An Ad Obama Used In His 2012 Campaign. “In a throwback to the 2012 presidential campaign, Grimes, the Democratic nominee to run against McConnell, takes her opponent to task over proposed changes to Medicare that were included in U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s 2011 budget proposal.” (Herald Leader, 7/8/14)

Obama Ad: VO: “And experts say his voucher plan could raise future retirees’ costs more than six thousand dollars.” (Obama For America, 8/17/2012)



Grimes’ Plan On Mine Safety Taken From Senator Jay Rockefeller’s Existing Bills

Grimes’ Plan On Mine Safety Copied From Two Bills Sponsored By Senator Rockefeller. “Grimes’ campaign told The Associated Press she will vow to support two pieces of coal mining legislation, both written by West Virginia Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller. The first bill would increase criminal penalties for mine safety violations and do more to protect people who report those violations. The second would make it easier for miners to apply for and receive benefits related to black lung disease.” (“Grimes to talk mine safety in eastern Kentucky,” Associated Press, 7/3/14)



Grimes’ Plan On Student Loans Copies From Elizabeth Warren

Grimes’ Student Loan Plan “Mirrors” Liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Plan. “The plan Grimes released Thursday mirrors some of Warren’s proposals, including the measure to allow those with student loan debt to refinance them at lower interest rates. She also wants to allow a one-year period when new student borrowers could obtain a loan at a three-quarter of 1 percent interest rate. The current student loan rate is 3.4 percent.” (Ronnie Ellis, “Grimes hears student loan ills in Danville,” Richmond Register, 6/26/14)



Grimes Copied Senate Democrat Tax Hike Proposals

Grimes’ Plan To Pay For The Brent-Spence Bridge Would Involve Eliminating Tax Loopholes. “One minute before McConnell was scheduled to speak, Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes released her plan to raise money for the bridges, by eliminating what she called tax loopholes “for millionaires and billionaires.” She doesn’t like tolls either.” (Chris Turner, “McConnell, Grimes release competing plans for bridge funding,” WDRB, 6/20/14)

Grimes Copied Directly From The Liberal Senate Budget Committee’s Tax Plan In Her Plan To Pay For The Brent Spence Bridge.“Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes endorsed a plan by the Senate Budget Committee that she said would close the shortfall in the Federal Highway Trust Fund and pay for the bridge.” (Adam Beam, “McConnell, Grimes announce competing bridge plans,” Associated Press, 6/20/14)



Grimes Falsely Claims She Led On Minimum Wage Hike, Was Actually Obama & Congressional Democrats

On Minimum Wage Hike, Grimes Claims She “Led On This Issue Not Just In The Commonwealth But Indeed The Nation.” “I am honored to have led on this issue not just in the commonwealth but indeed the nation that this is how we grow the middle class of Kentucky, this is how we grow the middle class of this nation,” Grimes told the crowd.  (CN2, 4/29/14)

FEBRUARY 2013: Barack Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address Where He Calls Upon Congress To Increase The Minimum Wage To $9.00 An Hour  (State Of The Union, 2/12/13)

MARCH 2013: Senator Harkin Introduced The Fair Minimum Wage Act Of 2013 (S. 460) & Representative George Miller Introduced The Fair Minimum Wage Act Of 2013 (H.R. 1010)

JULY 2013: Grimes Finally Makes A Call To Raise The Minimum Wage (Grimes Campaign Video, 7/25/13) 

SEPTEMBER 2013: Grimes Calls For $10.10 Level Of Minimum Wage, A Full Seven Months After Harkin And Miller Had Introduced Their $10.10 Bills. (Associated Press, 9/4/13)



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