Category: State Legislature

  • Democrats celebrate Tax Day with higher taxes

    “I sometimes think that the main difference between ourselves and the other side is we see an America where every day is the Fourth of July, and they see an […]

  • House Democrats vote for billions in more spending, debt

    Last week, House Democrats voted to approve a tax-borrow-spend budget based on the Obama blueprint. Kentucky Democrats endorse Obama blueprint: more spending & growing debt A day after they voted […]

  • Liberal House Democrats vote for $551.3 million gas tax increase

    On Wednesday, March 12th, liberal House Democrats passed tax and fee increases on Kentuckians that would make Barack Obama proud. House Democrats voted for a tax bill based on the […]

  • House Democrats’ budget follows Obama blueprint

    Last week, President Obama unveiled his budget for 2015, and it’s a repeat of his failed, liberal blueprint for America: higher taxes, increased government spending, and more debt. House Democrats […]

  • KYGOP Chair celebrates House Republicans’ Right to Work measure

    Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson released the following statement today thanking House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover, Representative Jim DeCesare, and the House Republican Caucus for introducing Right to […]

  • Greg Stumbo’s “dereliction of duty”

    Earlier this week, Democrat House Speaker Greg Stumbo decided that attending a political fundraiser was more important than doing the people’s work. Greg Stumbo and other House Democrat leaders decided to […]

  • House Democrats’ misplaced priorities: all play, no work

    House Democrat leaders have decided to manipulate Tuesday’s previously scheduled committee meetings so House Democrats can attend Alison Lundergan Grimes’ campaign rally with Bill Clinton. In response to House Democrats’ […]

  • Republican legislators stand for Kentucky, against Obama agenda

    Republicans stood for Kentucky jobs and against burdensome, deficient regulations in the fifth week of the 2014 General Assembly. Senate Republicans Reining In Deficient Regulations On Thursday, Senate Republicans stood […]

  • House Democrats misfire early in the 2014 General Assembly

    On the first day of the 2014 General Assembly, a Kentucky House Democrat literally misfired. Representative Leslie Combs (D-Pikeville) made national headlines when she misfired her handgun in her office […]