Democrats celebrate Tax Day with higher taxes

“I sometimes think that the main difference between ourselves and the other side is we see an America where every day is the Fourth of July, and they see an America where every day is April 15th,” remarked Ronald Reagan about Republicans and Democrats.

While liberal, Obama Democrats in Washington and Kentucky rejoice on Tax Day, Kentuckians aren’t.

Barack Obama’s Budget: Higher Taxes

Barack Obama’s 2014 budget called for $1 trillion in new taxes. His liberal, tax-and-spend budget was so awful that a bipartisan House of Representatives voted it down overwhelmingly – 413-2.

Nancy Pelosi’s Budget: Higher Taxes

House Democrats may have opposed Obama’s budget because it didn’t raise taxes enough. Nancy Pelosi’s 2014 budget called for $1.2 trillion in new taxes – $200 billion more than Obama’s budget.

Greg Stumbo’s & Kentucky Democrats’ Budget: Higher Taxes

Tax-hungry Democrats aren’t limited to Washington, D.C. Like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo led House Democrats to vote for a budget that would impose more than $500 million in higher taxes on Kentuckians.

House Democrats voted for their budget that would further burden Kentuckians with a ten-year, $551.3 million gas tax increase.

As if raising the gas tax by over a half-billion dollars wasn’t enough, Stumbo and other Obama Democrats in the Kentucky House of Representatives even voted for a retroactive tax. They were so hungry for more taxpayer money, they voted to go back in time and tax Kentuckians retroactively.

Poll: Americans Think Their Taxes Are Too High

While Democrats celebrate Tax Day, the American people think they are taxed too much already. A Gallup poll reveals that 52% of Americans think their taxes are too high. Notably, 58% of independent voters think their taxes are too high.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Greg Stumbo, and Kentucky Democrats should listen to the majority of Americans who think their taxes are too high. They should stop trying to burden Kentuckians with higher taxes. And they should stop celebrating Tax Day.

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