Grimes’ actions speak louder than her words

In case you missed it, last week it was reported by cn|2 that Part-Time Grimes is headed to Las Vegas to raise some campaign cash with her liberal ally “coal makes us sick” Harry Reid.

We all know that Harry Reid is the most anti-coal liberal in the senate, but recently it was reported that he’s so dead set on implementing his anti-coal agenda, that he’s intervening in appointment processes to make sure his liberal buddies are given top positions at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

From National Journal:

On Friday, National Journal Daily reported that Reid had persuaded the White House to drop its initial pick to head FERC, current Democratic Commissioner John Norris, in favor of Binz, citing an interview Norris did with the trade publication Transmission Hub. 

“Reid’s chief of staff informed me that Reid intervened with the White House to stop my appointment as chair because, as told to me by his chief of staff, I was ‘too pro-coal,’ ” Norris told Transmission Hub. Norris also told the publication that he believes his nomination was blocked because Reid wanted a FERC chairman from a Western state.

Senator Reid is such a huge supporter of Alison Lundergan Grimes that he not only broke his promise that he wouldn’t fundraise against Senator McConnell, but is also is holding a lavish Las Vegas  fundraiser in October on Grimes’ behalf, and another one in DC tomorrow.

From Politico:

Reid’s move comes after he had told POLITICO last year that he would not publicly campaign against Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell because he didn’t think it would be appropriate to do so.

Of course the campaign wouldn’t comment on any of the fundraisers. They don’t want Kentuckians to know that their allegedly “pro-coal” candidate is relying on one of the most anti-coal liberals in the nation for fundraising help.

WAIT – But didn’t Grimes send out a statement saying she’d stand for coal? She called on the President to “do the right thing on coal!”

A hollow statement means little, if nothing, to the thousands of Kentuckians that would lose their jobs under Harry Reid’s senate leadership and liberal policies. As seen with his involvement in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission appointment process, Harry Reid will do almost anything to make sure his prized picks, like Alison Lundergan Grimes, are in government positions so he can implement his destructive, job-killing, anti-coal agenda.

Grimes should consider the fact that her actions  – and Reid’s – speak a lot louder than words.

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