Happy Anniversary to “One Of The Worst Roll Outs Ever”

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of Alison Lundergan Grimes’ catastrophic campaign launch. It was literally so bad that their campaign needed a glitzy, highly-scripted mulligan event a month later to make up for their disaster presser. In honor of today, let’s take a look back at how the media described “one of the worst roll outs ever” on July 1, 2013 (complete with a toilet paper microphone stand):


The 5-Minute Press Conference

“The entire press conference, which began more than half an hour late, lasted less than five minutes.” (The Washington Post)

“…it appears one mic is in a roll of toilet paper and another is pointing the wrong way.” (WFPL, Gabe Bullard)

“…it sure is a strange way to start such a campaign.” (Al Cross)

“…inept and disorganized…” (Page One Kentucky)

No Website, No Sign, ‘Less Than Prepared’

“Sure doesn’t LOOK like a venue for a Senate announcement.” (Al Cross)

“…she sounds scared, loud, less than prepared.” (Page One Kentucky)

“KY Dem party says it knows nothing of Grimes announcement — even when/where it will be.” (The Washington Post, Aaron Blake)

“No #KySen signage at @AlisonForKY announcement venue.” (WHAS, Joe Arnold)

“She delivered her remarks in front of a banner for her 2011 secretary of state campaign…” (The Washington Post)

“Staffers say the backdrop means nothing. Only one they have.” (Louisville Courier-Journal, Joe Gerth)

“Democrats… searching in vain for the website to contribute…ain’t there.” (Joe Sonka)

“Still no place to contribute to Grimes…” (Joe Sonka)

“Democrats across the country still have no idea how to donate to Grimes’ Senate campaign…” (Joe Sonka)

‘Worst Senate Announcement In Kentucky History’

“…doesn’t seem to be much promotion of her decision.” (The Washington Post, Aaron Blake)

“…I expect #GOP to focus on poor rollout.” (WFPL, Philip Bailey)

“Maybe the worst senate announcement in Kentucky history.” (Page One Kentucky)

The Grimes campaign may have a working website and updated logo now, but one thing hasn’t changed since the horrible roll-out: Grimes’ status as Obama’s Kentucky Candidate. Since day one, Alison Lundergan Grimes’ candidacy has been a crucial part of Harry Reid’s and Barack Obama’s plan to implement their liberal agenda, and Grimes has had no trouble showing us that she’ll always stand with the anti-coal, anti-gun liberals backing her campaign, not Kentucky voters and their values.


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