Andy Led The Effort to Shutdown Schools in Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 22, 2023) – The Republican Party of Kentucky issued the following statement in response to Andy Beshear’s attempt to run from his record on school closures and learning loss:

“We need a strong leader who will stand up for Kentucky students when it matters most, not someone like the politically-calculating Andy Beshear who only pretends to confront problems during an election year,” Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Sean Southard. “Andy can’t run away from his record. He, more than anyone else, led the effort to destroy the educational and social needs of Kentucky’s students with his school shutdowns. He never once put forth a serious policy proposal to the legislature to address this problem, but because it’s an election year he’s trying to hide his record. Parents know their students experienced the greatest loss of learning in a generation because of Andy Beshear.”


Andy Beshear presided over the greatest loss of learning in recent memory. Students fell behind in math and reading scores for the largest drop in the last 30 years. (WDRB, 10/4/22)

Andy Beshear’s decision to close schools had a direct impact on student learning and has been called “a failed policy.” (The Atlantic, 10/26/22)

Andy Beshear violated the Open Records Law in trying to prevent the disclosure of e-mail communications about school closures from his senior staff. (Fox News, 1/18/23)


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