Governor Beshear sat on his hands during Mayor Fisher’s reign over Louisville

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 8, 2023) – The Republican Party of Kentucky released the following statement after U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the results of an investigation into Louisville Metro Police Department.

“It’s clear there was a failure of leadership in Louisville under the 12-year reign of former Mayor Greg Fischer,” RPK spokesman Sean Southard said. “As the state’s chief executive officer and head of the Democrat Party in Kentucky, Andy Beshear has been missing in action on crime in Louisville. Even as LMPD’s problems dominated the headlines and more than 500 people in Louisville were murdered during his tenure, Andy Beshear sat on his hands, never held Mayor Fischer accountable, and in fact stood proudly by him. And now Joe Biden’s DOJ has announced a new ‘plan’ that some say actually increases crime. That’s the Biden-Beshear agenda for you: too soft on crime, too weak to lead, and unable to stand up to people in their own party.”

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