Grimes Attempts to Change The Subject

The Kentucky GOP released the following statement and background information on Alison Lundergan Grimes’ attempts to change the subject after she lied to Kentuckians about sharing their coal concerns during her Washington fundraiser with Harry Reid.

“In an attempt to cover up her coal scandal, Alison Lundergan Grimes is desperately trying to change the subject. By opposing tax relief for working parents and bragging about an upcoming fundraiser with yet another anti-coal liberal, Grimes’ attempts to change the subject have only made it more clear that her election would ensure President Obama the ability to continue implementing his anti-coal, anti-Kentucky agenda,” said Kelsey Cooper, Kentucky GOP spokeswoman.




Alison Lundergan Grimes Is Bringing In Liberal Elizabeth Warren To “Change The Subject” From Coal. “After weeks of coal criticism from Mitch McConnell, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes wants to change the subject. Grimes’ campaign announced Thursday a series of campaign events with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren to criticize McConnell for blocking a bill that would have allowed college students to refinance their loans. (“Warren to Campaign with Grimes in Kentucky,” Associated Press, 6/13/14)

Grimes Is “Trying To Change The Subject To Wages” After Being On The “Defensive” On Coal. “Alison Lundergan Grimes is trying to change the discussion in the U.S. Senate race, where she has been on the defensive because of President Barack Obama’s recently proposed regulations for existing coal-fired power plants. Instead, she’s trying to change the subject to wages and criticizing McConnell for “suddenly” showing concern for the fact that salaries are not rising in America.” (Joe Gerth, “Alison Grimes tries to change the subject,”Courier-Journal, 6/18/14)

Ronnie Ellis: Grimes Must “Shift Debate” Because Grimes Can’t Win The Debate On Coal. “McConnell is winning the battle to shape the debate the way he wants. In the nearly four weeks since the primary, the conversation has been entirely about coal, Harry Reid and President Barack Obama. Grimes can’t win that debate.” (Ronnie Ellis, “RONNIE ELLIS: Grimes must shift debate to economics,” CNHI, 6/13/14)

Politico: “The revelation that she failed to raise those concerns at the event despite her vow to do so could play into McConnell’s hands, giving the GOP leader fresh ammunition to undercut a central premise of her campaign: that she is a moderate, independent-minded Kentucky Democrat willing to take on her party in Washington.” (Manu Raju, Burgess Everett, “Alison Lundergan Grimes mum on coal at private fundraiser, Politico, 6/9/14)

WHAS: “During her remarks, Grimes indicates that she and Reid are in regular contact about her campaign, a potentially troublesome admission as the McConnell camp attempts to nationalize the race and link Grimes to Reid andPresident Barack Obama.” (Joe Arnold, “No mention of coal, EPA in secret recording of Grimes fundraiser,” WHAS, 6/10/14)

Herald-Leader: “Those remarks appear to play into the hands of McConnell, who has worked overtime to portray Grimes as a rubber stamp for Reid and President Barack Obama. (Sam Youngman, “Analysis: McConnell hammers Grimes on recording, but real damage could come later, Herald-Leader, 6/11/14)

Herald-Leader: “In the long run, however, Voss said the recording “will matter because they did McConnell’s job for him, making clear the close ties between Grimes and the Democratic Party’s leader in the Senate, something that Grimes had been coy about in public.” (Sam Youngman, “Analysis: McConnell hammers Grimes on recording, but real damage could come later, Herald-Leader, 6/11/14)

Morehead News: “Coal is a dominant issue in Kentucky politics and the fallout from the POLITICO report could hurt Grimes. Reid once said, “Coal makes us sick,” and McConnell relentlessly tries to tie Grimes to Reid. In response, Grimes pledged prior to last week’s D.C. fundraiser to discuss with Reid the impact on Kentucky and its miners of new carbon emission regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. POLITICO reported Grimes never mentioned coal during herremarks to those gathered at the fundraiser, including Reid who introduced Grimes. (Ronnie Ellis, “Coal wars between McConnell, Grimes,” Morehead News, 6/10/14)

National Review: “Alison Lundergan Grimes may not be the defender of Kentucky coal she wants Kentucky voters to think she is.” (Andrew Johnson, “Two-Faced Grimes,” National Review, 6/10/14) 

CNN’s John King: “She runs this ad saying I’m going to go to Washington, I’m going to be an independent voice, I’m going to send a message to democratic leadership. I won’t be in President Obama’s pocket, and then she comes to this fundraiser, and does not mention her concerns about coal policy, which she had promised to do Manu, you say in your story. And she also talks about how close she is to the Democratic Leader Harry Reid. This could be a huge problem for her back home.” (CNN’s New Day, 6/10/14)  

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