Grimes in Hollywood today, fundraising again with liberal elite

After picking up a million dollars in campaign cash from her elite liberal pals at one fundraiser this September in Los Angeles, Alison Lundergan Grimes is back in Hollywood today, hitting up her Democrat donors once again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grimes is scheduled to attend a fundraiser tonight, January 13th, hosted by none other than Hollywood’s most liberal bundler, Jeffrey Katzenberg. The event will be held at the home of Steve and Nikki Lafferty, the latter an avid animal rights activist.  

Lafferty, a “full time activist and fundraiser for animal protection and other progressive causes,” serves on the Humane Society Legislative Fund, and has claimed she wants to use her husband’s “elite circle of people” to influence Hollywood and politicians. She also cites President Obama as her inspiration for getting more involved in animal advocacy. Additionally, in just the last three years, Lafferty has contributed over $28,000 to Democratic Candidates, State Democratic Parties, and The Democratic National Committee.

Other hosts include a long list of big Democrat donors and Hollywood activists:   

“Cohosts for Grimes’ 7 pm evening event also include Rebecca and Troy Carter, Gail Currey, Ellen and Tom Hoberman, Sonya and Mike Rosenfield, Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal, Todd Sargent, Amanda and Greg Silverman, Jennifer Perry and [Andy] Spahn, Cathy and Len Unger and Michael Lombardo and Sonny Ward.”

Katzenberg is just the latest liberal Democrat determined to elect Grimes so she can move President Obama’s agenda forward:

“One longtime observer of Hollywood politics pointed out not only that ‘Jeffrey worked very hard on making phone calls and writing people on her behalf,’ but ‘the mood’ is also right for Grimes’ candidacy, given McConnell’s role in frustrating President Barack Obama’s agenda.”

In November, Michelle Obama said that “it is critical that we elect” people like Alison Lundergan Grimes to further Obama’s agenda:

“Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes was among the female candidates who gathered with the first lady for a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser, where Obama spoke of the need to elect more Democratic senators to further the president’s agenda. The first lady, talking about how narrowly ‘Obamacare’ had passed and the slim margin by which gun control legislation was defeated, said that ‘it is critical that we elect Michelle Nunn, Alison Grimes, Natalie Tennant.’”

While Alison Lundergan Grimes may try and tell Kentuckians that she’ll fight for them and their values if elected to the senate, there is no denying that she is supported and financially backed by some of the country’s and Hollywood’s most liberal political activists and donors – individuals that enthusiastically support policies like Obamacare, President Obama and Harry Reid’s war on coal, and gun control legislation… the policies many Kentuckians oppose. 

Kentucky deserves a Senator that will actually fight for their values and policy preferences, not an out of touch foot soldier for Barack Obama and the rest of Hollywood’s liberal Democrat donors and activists.

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