Grimes not offering solution to shutdown, fundraises off it

When Alison Lundergan Grimes ran away from another Kentucky reporter yesterday and refused to answer his questions, I’m sure he had no idea she was running back to her campaign headquarters to write a fundraising email…

A fundraising email based on the exact issue she avoided.

Just hours after refusing to offer up even one specific on what Democrats should do in the government shutdown, Grimes blasted out a fundraising plea via email and Twitter, citing “petty political games” and calling for an end to the shutdown.

Someone should tell Part-Time Grimes that she’s really hit the apex of hypocrisy now, blasting out empty rhetoric while simultaneously refusing to give substantial policy positions.

And if her campaign wants to talk about “petty political games,” here’s a quick refresher: This is Harry Reid’s shut down and Democrats are the ones that won’t negotiate. The media has continued to report it, and members of his own party have even said “there’s no question, Reid is now the quarterback.

Grimes wouldn’t offer up specifics on whether or not Democrats should change their course of action in leading the government shutdown because she agrees with Harry Reid’s strategy of refusing to negotiate. But she won’t tell Kentuckians that because it would involve showing her true partisan loyalties to the liberal Washington establishment.

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