House Democrats vote for billions in more spending, debt

Last week, House Democrats voted to approve a tax-borrow-spend budget based on the Obama blueprint.

Kentucky Democrats endorse Obama blueprint: more spending & growing debt

A day after they voted to impose hundreds of millions of dollars in higher taxes on Kentucky, House Democrats pivoted to the Obama blueprint for increased spending and greater debt. Their fiscal irresponsibility reveals they don’t care that we can’t pay for their outrageous spending and that our children and grandchildren will have to pick up their tab.

Kentucky Democrats spending spree neglects higher education & state police

Liberal House Democrats voted for a budget that would increase spending by over $6.5 billion compared to spending levels in the 2010 budget.

Liberal House Democrats voted to reduce funding for higher education and our state police by 2.5%.

Kentucky Democrats add nearly $2 billion in new debt

The Democrats’ budget borrows from the Obama blueprint by imposing nearly $2 billion in new debt on Kentucky – one of the highest levels of debt in the history of our Commonwealth.

House Democrats voted to spend taxpayers’ money like they are using a credit card without a limit. They voted to pass along today’s irresponsible overspending to future generations of Kentuckians.

Who are they?

The House Democrats, who voted to increase government spending by $6.5 billion and who voted to increase Kentucky’s new debt by nearly $2 billion, include:

Rocky Adkins (D – Sandy Hook)
Johnny Bell (D – Glasgow)
Tom Burch (D – Louisville)
Denver Butler (D – Louisville)
Larry Clark (D – Louisville)
Hubert Collins (D – Wittensville)
Leslie Combs (D – Pikeville)
Will Coursey (D – Symsonia)
Jesse Crenshaw (D – Lexington)
Robert Damron (D – Nicholasville)
Mike Denham (D – Maysville)
Jeffery Donohue (D – Fairdale)
Kelly Flood (D – Lexington)
Jim Glenn (D – Owensboro)
Jim Gooch (D – Providence)
Derrick Graham (D – Frankfort)
Jeff Greer (D – Brandenburg)
Keith Hall (D – Phelps)
Richard Henderson (D – Mt. Sterling)
Dennis Horlander (D – Louisville)
Joni Jenkins (D – Shively)
James Kay (D – Versailles)
Dennis Keene (D – Wilder)
Martha King (D – Lewisburg)
Jimmie Lee (D – Elizabethtown)
Mary Marzian (D – Louisville)
Tom McKee (D – Cynthiana)
Reginald Meeks (D – Louisville)
Charles Miller (D – Louisville)
Terry Mills (D – Lebanon)
Rick Nelson (D – Middlesboro)
Sannie Overly (D – Paris)
Darryl Owens (D – Louisville)
Ruth Ann Palumbo (D – Lexington)
Tanya Pullin (D – South Shore)
Rick Rand (D – Bedford)
Jody Richards (D – Bowling Green)
Steve Riggs (D – Louisville)
John Short (D – Mallie)
Kevin Sinnette (D – Ashland)
Rita Smart (D – Richmond)
John Will Stacy (D – West Liberty)
Fitz Steele (D – Hazard)
Wilson Stone (D – Scottsville)
Greg Stumbo (D – Prestonsburg)
Tommy Thompson (D – Owensboro)
John Tilley (D – Hopkinsville)
David Watkins (D – Henderson)
Gerald Watkins (D – Paducah)
Susan Westrom (D – Lexington)
Brent Yonts (D – Greenville)

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