Ten ways ObamaCare is hurting us

On Sunday, ObamaCare celebrated its fourth birthday. Given ObamaCare’s adverse effects, Kentuckians were in no mood to celebrate its special day.

Ten ways ObamaCare is hurting us

1. 280,000 Kentuckians losing their health plans

2. Not being able to keep your doctor

3. Greater burdens on the middle class

4. Lower compensation for workers

5. Skyrocketing premiums

6. Growing barriers to prescription drugs

7. Worsening Kentucky’s shortage of doctors

8. Losing 2.5 million full-time-equivalent jobs

9. Slower economic growth

10. Increasing the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion

Despite the well-documented, high costs of ObamaCare, Kentucky Democrats continue to embrace it.

House Democrats choose “path of cowardice”

On March 13, 2014, Kentucky House Democrats had a choice to make: they could have had the courage to debate funding ObamaCare in Kentucky, or they could have sat on their hands and stayed silent. They chose the path of cowardice.

All House Democrats refused to even discuss funding ObamaCare in Kentucky. They either voted to oppose that discussion or, as most of them did, they sheepishly avoided their duty as legislators and refused to even vote.

Who opposed simply debating ObamaCare in Kentucky?

Here are the 25 House Democrats who opposed a debate about funding ObamaCare in Kentucky:

Denver Butler (D – Louisville)
Larry Clark (D – Louisville)
Jesse Crenshaw (D – Lexington)
Jeffery Donohue (D – Fairdale)
Kelly Flood (D – Lexington)
Derrick Graham (D – Frankfort)
Dennis Horlander (D – Louisville)
Dennis Keene (D – Wilder)
Mary Marzian (D – Louisville)
Tom McKee (D – Cynthiana)
Reginald Meeks (D – Louisville)
Charles Miller (D – Louisville)
Terry Mills (D – Lebanon)
Sannie Overly (D – Paris)
Darryl Owens (D – Louisville)
Ruth Ann Palumbo (D – Lexington)
Rick Rand (D – Bedford)
Steve Riggs (D – Louisville)
Rita Smart (D – Richmond)
John Will Stacy (D – West Liberty)
John Tilley (D – Hopkinsville)
David Watkins (D – Henderson)
Gerald Watkins (D – Paducah)
Jim Wayne (D – Louisville)
Susan Westrom (D – Lexington)

 Who didn’t have the courage to vote?

The following 29 House Democrats didn’t even have the courage to vote on whether to debate funding ObamaCare in Kentucky:

Rocky Adkins (D – Sandy Hook)
Johnny Bell (D – Glasgow)
Tom Burch (D – Louisville)
Hubert Collins (D – Wittensville)
Leslie Combs (D – Pikeville)
Will Coursey (D – Symsonia)
Robert Damron (D – Nicholasville)
Mike Denham (D – Maysville)
Jim Glenn (D – Owensboro)
Jim Gooch (D – Providence)
Jeff Greer (D – Brandenburg)
Keith Hall (D – Phelps)
Richard Henderson (D – Mt. Sterling)
Joni Jenkins (D – Shively)
James Kay (D – Versailles)
Martha Jane King (D – Lewisburg)
Jimmie Lee (D – Elizabethtown)
Rick Nelson (D – Middlesboro)
Tanya Pullin (D – South Shore)
Jody Richards (D – Bowling Green)
Tom Riner (D – Louisville)
John Short (D – Mallie)
Arnold Simpson (D – Covington)
Kevin Sinnette (D – Ashland)
Fitz Steele (D – Hazard)
Wilson Stone (D – Scottsville)
Greg Stumbo (D – Prestonsburg)
Tommy Thompson (D – Owensboro)
Brent Yonts (D – Greenville)

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