Now Grimes really has a coal problem

Alison Lundergan Grimes has told Kentuckians time and again that she will fight for Kentucky’s coal industry, but as we’ve seen over the course of this campaign so far, her actions tend to contradict her words.

GRIMES ATTENDS FUNDRAISER WITH SAN FRANCISCO LT. GOVERNOR WHO CALLS COAL ‘FUEL FROM HELL’ “Grimes was scheduled to be in San Francisco on Tuesday for a fundraiser with California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and other prolific Democratic fundraisers. Newsom, one of the hosts of the fundraiser, according to an invitation obtained by the Lexington Herald-Leader, has long advocated for a clean-energy economy. In a 2011 news conference at the annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, Newsom argued that there are more jobs in developing renewable energy than in retrofitting coal-fired power plants.” (Herald-Leader, 10/29/13)

GRIMES ATTENDS FUNDRAISERS WITH ‘COAL MAKES US SICK’ HARRY REID “Ironically, Reid is set to attend a fundraiser with Lundergan Grimes in Washington today, just hours after blocking McConnell’s bill, which prompted one Kentucky radio show host, a Democrat, to say “bad timing.” And next month, Reid is set to host another high-dollar fundraiser for Lundergan Grimes in Las Vegas, further demonstrating to every voter in Kentucky exactly who she will side with if elected to the Senate. “  (U.S. News, 9/19/13)

GRIMES FUNDRAISES WITH REID PAL, DSCC CHAIRMAN SEN. MICHAEL BENNET “Bennet’s fundraiser could be another double-edged sword for Lundergan Grimes. … Coal production is a critical part of Kentucky’s economy. Republicans charged that Lundergan Grimes’s alliance with Reid was an indication she wouldn’t stand up for Kentucky coal miners, and would instead would be beholden to Democratic leaders if she is elected to the Senate.” (The Hill, 10/23/13)

And, her tendency to fundraise with anti-coal liberals isn’t playing so well in Kentucky.

GRIMES FALSELY PORTRAYS HERSELF AS A FRIEND TO COAL “It is amusing to watch Grimes try to portray herself as a friend of coal while cozying up to its worst enemies.  This issue will have big impact on the Senate race because the Kentucky coal industry is facing some of its toughest times ever from the combined effect of Obama’s war on coal and the natural gas boom.” (WDRB 9/20/13)

GRIMES TRIES TO SAY SHE FIGHTS FOR COAL, KENTUCKY COAL LEADERS SAY SHE’S WRONG “Kentucky Coal Association President Bill Bissett quickly and publicly credited her opponent, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, for being the industry’s chief supporter on Capitol Hill.” (U.S. News, 9/19/13)

So what’s the even bigger problem?

Grimes just told Kentuckians that she supports the nuclear option, and one of the key purposes of the rule change is to help move President Obama’s liberal, anti-coal agenda forward and make the overbearing, job-killing EPA regulations easier to pass.

GRIMES SUPPORTS NUCLEAR OPTION, FILIBUSTER REFORM “It is worth us taking action to make sure that we move Senate procedure along.” (Herald-Leader11/22/13) … “WHAS 11 reporter Joe Arnold asked Grimes her thoughts on filibuster reform debate. Grimes said that “reform was needed and necessary.”” (CN2 Pure Politics11/22/13) … “”I think it is worth exploring at this point,” Grimes said, “because what has been going on in Washington DC isn’t working for Kentucky.”” (WHAS11, 11/21/13)

SENATE’S FILIBUSTER RULE CHANGE SHOULD HELP OBAMA ACHIEVE KEY SECOND-TERM PRIORITIES “The Senate vote Thursday to lower the barriers for presidential nominations should make it easier for President Obama to accomplish key second-term priorities, including tougher measures on climate change and financial regulation, that have faced intense opposition from Republicans in Congress.” (Washington Post11/21/13)

WAR ON COAL IS ONE OF OBAMA’S PRIORITIES “The most contentious issue likely to face the appeals court are climate regulations being pursued by the EPA. … The measures represent Obama’s most ambitious effort to combat climate change in his second term — coal-fired power plants are a key source of carbon emissions — at a time when such proposals have no chance of passage in Congress.”(Washington Post11/21/13)

Kentuckians should ask Alison: How can she support Kentucky coal if she just told them she supports filibuster reform that empowers the Obama agenda, which is intent on killing the coal industry?

“Alison Lundergan Grimes is sadly mistaken if she thinks she can fool Kentuckians at this point on coal,” said Kelsey Cooper, RPK Communications Director. “Between fundraising with liberals that call coal ‘fuel from hell’ and say ‘coal makes us sick,’ and supporting a Senate rule change that will expedite Obama’s war on coal in Kentucky, her actions speak loud and clear – she will always put her liberal loyalties ahead of the needs of Kentuckians.”

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