Poll: Kentucky voters want Republican governor, legislature

A recent poll from a Democrat-leaning pollster reveals Kentucky voters are ready for change and that a growing number prefer electing a Republican governor and Republican state legislators. While enduring the second terms of Barack Obama and Steve Beshear – complete with ObamaCare forcing 280,000 Kentuckians off their health plans – who can blame them?

A Republican governor

WFPL’s Phillip Bailey reported that the poll showed Kentucky voters increasingly preferring to elect a Republican governor in 2015. In 2012, Kentucky voters favored a Republican governor by a margin of 3%. Today, Kentucky voters prefer electing a Republican governor by a margin of 7% — 44% to 37%.

A Republican legislature

The poll also indicated Kentucky voters prefer voting for Republican candidates for the state legislature. If an election were held in their district today, Kentucky voters – by a margin of 8% – would prefer to vote for a Republican to a Democrat.

According to Bailey, “Senate Republicans have a firm hold in their chamber, but House Democrats have seen their majority dwindle from 63-37 five years ago to a 54-46 margin going into the 2014 legislative session.”

Most recently, a Republican candidate won a Democrat-held seat in a December 10th special election for State Representative in Daviess, Henderson, and Union Counties.

RPK Chair credits Barack Obama

Bailey asked Republican Party of Kentucky Chair Steve Robertson to assess what the poll means.

“Voters are increasingly getting in the mindset of giving Republicans a shot at governing Frankfort,” said Robertson. “A lot of voters have seen a consistent effort out of our state Senate majority to deal with some real policy solutions and then go to the other side of the building where bills are buried in committee.”

Robertson also gave credit where credit is due: “And the one individual who has to get credit for this is President Barack Obama, because Kentuckians have seen what national Democrats have been giving them, and I don’t think they like it.”

Unsurprisingly, Robertson’s Democrat counterpart dismissed the poll as “generally unreliable.” At least, he and liberal, Democrat candidates hope the poll is as unreliable as the ObamaCare website.

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