Harry Reid calls Kentuckians liars. Does Grimes agree?

Earlier this week, Harry Reid made an incredibly offensive comment, calling the troubling and heart-wrenching ObamaCare horror stories being told by Americans all over the country “untrue.”

But Senator McConnell, in his interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, brought a letter from Angela Strobel, a Kentucky mother of five who is suffering under ObamaCare. McConnell fired back at Reid’s offensive charge, “He’s basically calling Angela a liar.”

Harry Reid essentially called every Kentuckian struggling with the devastating effects of ObamaCare a liar. The small business owners cutting full-time hours to try and stay afloat, the families unable to keep their previous health insurance, the patients losing their doctors – Harry Reid called them all liars.

Angela, one of those “liars,” responded to Harry Reid’s baseless comments and shared her own personal ObamaCare struggles.

In light of Harry Reid’s outrageous statement and Angela’s personal struggle, does Alison Lundergan Grimes believe Reid, the man who will lead the Senate instead of Senator McConnell if she were to be elected, is accurately accusing Kentuckians of lying?

“Alison Lundergan Grimes hasn’t given Kentuckians any sort of proof that she’d be anything but a rubber stamp for the liberal Harry Reid agenda if elected to the Senate, and her support of ObamaCare is well known, so it’s fair to assume if she doesn’t denounce Harry Reid’s unacceptable comments, that she agrees with his statements calling every American struggling with ObamaCare’s devastating effects a liar,” said Kelsey Cooper, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Kentucky.

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