The Obama budget: another irresponsible, hyper-partisan scheme

With President Obama unveiling his budget proposal today, he reiterated his tired refrain that he is more interested in increasing government spending than pursuing a responsible fiscal path. Instead of providing new, commonsense solutions to tackling our nation’s crushing debt, Barack Obama again offered up more of the same failed policies of a tax-and-spend agenda.

Obama’s $3.9 trillion budget includes a $649 billion deficit for 2014 and would continue to grow government while crippling the middle class. And according to the Congressional Budget Office, spending will outpace revenue even more drastically starting in 2016 and is projected to soar back to $1 trillion in 2022. Obama’s spending binge and his decision to drop entitlement reform, after promising to stop “kicking the can down the road,” show that he is continuing his pass-the-buck style of leadership.

Obama’s hyper-partisan budget is not the way to economic recovery. It will increase the deficit and expand the government. What is most apparent, however, is the Obama budget keeps Senate Democrats from having to create or vote on a rational and responsible budget during an election year. Obama’s political tactic proves Democrats would rather scheme to maintain control of the Senate than provide a sound, long-term roadmap to fiscal responsibility.

Barack Obama is showing once again that he and his liberal Democrat allies are not serious about getting our spending under control. For them, getting our economy back on track, while reducing the deficit, just isn’t a priority.

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