Republicans promoting fiscal accountability

As we heard today from Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, government can and must be fiscally responsible. Comer and most of the Kentucky’s constitutional officers testified before a legislative committee about their budgets. Comer was the only one to testify that he needs less funds. Comer’s ability to cut wasteful spending and to do more with less taxpayer money should serve as an example for the rest of Kentucky’s constitutional officers.

Furthermore, Comer’s fiscal responsibility is proof that we need Republicans leading Kentucky. It is no accident that the only individual, who is able to make substantial cuts in wasteful spending and tell Kentucky taxpayers “I need less money,” is a conservative Republican.

While it was expected that the rest of the Democrat constitutional officers would lament the loss of copy machines, bemoan a lack of furniture improvements, and ask for more money, the absence of Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes was unexpected and unacceptable. Apparently, she couldn’t be personally bothered to appear before a budget review committee to explain how her office spends taxpayer dollars or even give a basic estimate of how much more of taxpayers’ money her office will need for the next fiscal year. How can she ask Kentuckians to believe she’ll be accountable as a United States Senator when she isn’t accountable as Kentucky’s Secretary of State?

Attorney General Jack Conway was also far too busy to attend the legislative hearing. While his office staff appeared on his behalf, complaining about budget cuts and asking for an increase in funds, Conway was actively posting on social media about the World Series. Yes, Kentuckians, Jack Conway thinks baseball is more important than personally appearing to ask for more of your tax dollars.

Kentuckians deserve leaders that will be fiscally responsible and accountable to the people, and as we saw today, those leaders come from the Republican Party.

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