“Shhhhhhhhhh… They’ll never find out.”

Yesterday, to no one’s surprise, Part-Time Grimes’ silence on the big issues was even noticed by a member of her own party in an interview with a Kentucky newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Democrat Congressman John Yarmuth told a reporter that Grimes was being politically “smart” by keeping mum on the implementation of Obamacare in Kentucky.

Umm… what?

Saying little about an issue clearly negatively affecting Kentuckians because you know it’s unpopular is an atrocious political tactic.

Grimes has already proclaimed that she supports Obamacare (Kentucky needs it because of the Donutburger!), and now she needs to stand by that assertion while Kentuckians lose their jobs, their current coverage, and money out of their paychecks.

Staying quiet while Kentuckians are hurting from Obamacare doesn’t change the fact that she supports it, and continues to vote the party line and support Harry Reid and President Obama’s liberal agenda regardless of how it impacts the people here at home in Kentucky.

Grimes’ strategy of calling out her opponents for trying to solve our nation’s problems, yet failing to publicly stand behind her own policy positions because of their unpopularity in a state that overwhelmingly disapproves of the Obama agenda isn’t going to work. She thinks Kentuckians will never find out where she really stands.

They will. And they deserve better.

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