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  • Harry Reid, owner of shutdown, raises cash for Grimes

    As The Hill reported yesterday, Harry Reid “is now fully in charge of his party’s negotiating strategy, a significant change from past showdowns with Republicans.” “There’s no question, Reid is now the […]

  • MIA?

    Yesterday Part Time Grimes had the audacity to tweet that Kentuckians deserved a senator that wouldn’t be missing in action, calling on Senator McConnell to lead. The truly amusing thing […]

  • RPK Chairman Steve Robertson calls on Grimes to act for Kentucky women

    FRANKFORT – Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson released the following statement in response to Senator Kathy Stein’s call for an investigation of Democrat House leadership and Democrat Speaker […]

  • Hollywood welcomes Part-Time Grimes!

    We knew it wouldn’t be long before Part-Time Grimes headed back to the west coast to collect some campaign cash, and today marks one of her best fundraisers yet. Oh – […]

  • Grimes losing steam in Kentucky

    Alison Lundergan Grimes is losing some serious steam in Kentucky. WESTERN KY. DEMOCRATS SAY THEY’LL SUPPORT SENATOR MCCONNELL. “Still, Owensboro Democrat Andy Gamblin was wearing a Grimes sticker but still said […]

  • Is Grimes’ campaign headquartered in California?

    One would sure think so, considering the amount of support her campaign is getting from the Golden State. From Hollywood to San Francisco, and now the Coachella Valley, Grimes is […]